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Thinking... "email marketing is dead!" 
it is actually the most crucial mistake real estate and mortgage agents can make in 2021. 

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Why email marketing is the most powerful sales channel?

Over 85% of people use email daily, and 74% are willing to open marketing emails. Email is an almost free marketing channel that you can fully automate to generate an endless sales stream for your business. Compared to paid advertising on Facebook and Google, email is the only channel entirely in your hands. No fear of algorithm changes, rising costs, and ad account rejections. 

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Why should I care about email marketing?

You are creating relationships and growing seeds. With a daily growing list of subscribers, even small business owners can generate over 6-figures with email marketing alone each year. 

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How do I use email marketing?

With email marketing, you have to set up your automated sequences just once using a CRM, and your money-printing machine is ready to generate passive income for you. At Omran Marketing we make it easy-to-use email automation because we have the best software tools around.


All you have to do is start building your list and keep your subscribers happy with engaging emails.


With a solid team and systems in place, you will turn your leads into paying customers in days.



Working with Omran Marketing Agency Incorporated you are working with a proven team that only

has your ROI in mind.


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