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Omran Marketing partners with Real Estate & Mortgage Agents all across the US and Canada to build lead generation systems and online marketing foundations for the purpose to acquire new leads and convert cold leads into warm ready prospects!
We strive to bring an additional 7-12 High Ticket Lead Appointments Per Month for Sales Agents by building 100% Done for You Automated Sales Systems! 
We perfected the system, We've done it before AND we'll do it once more.
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Our Story

Omran Marketing Canada Inc is a digital marketing agency based in the capital of Canada Ottawa. It focuses on bringing new and innovative marketing tools to small businesses all across the US and Canada.


Our team will work alongside you as your personal assistant in reforming and modernizing your social media presence using the latest A.I technology to generate quality leads and follow & appointment bookings.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to automate quality leads for Sales Agents and scale their business & brand online.

Why Us

Omran Marketing provides you with new leads regularly. We provide you with an advanced sophisticated CRM that texts, emails all your leads, and when they are ready we connect them to you via phone call. Omran marketing takes care of the backend and filters all your customers. This system is very effective and we use it to generate leads for Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Agents and Sales Agents. We also provide schedule social media posts, logo design, website creation, and branding all in one modest priced package.

Brand Awareness

Our goal is to provide social media ads using your brand presence. Every ad we customize and strategize will have your brand logo which means future clients will recognize your brand as a powerhouse in the industry and chose to contact you. Other agencies use their brand to bring traffic which only benefits the agency, not the sales agent.

Who are we

Partner With Omran Marketing To Get Predictable Income and Deal Flow

We help sales agents generate an extra 100-150 leads and 12+ appointments a month.

We help you achieve this with our proprietary 3 step marketing system as shown below! 


Using our proven, Targeted Instagram + Facebook Ads System you can expect consistent client opportunities in your area.


We've spent hundreds of thousands testing different marketing platforms. Instagram + Facebook is the only place possible to generate consistent and quality leads without spending an arm and a leg on ads.

Step 1 
Get Sales Leads Using Targeted Facebook Ads

We don’t want you wasting time talking to tire kickers and un-interested leads! Our automated machine with follow-up with, and qualify leads with a phone, texts, emails, and voicemails without you doing a thing.


✅ Emails & Texts

✅ Ringless Voicemail

✅ A.I Facebook Messenger Bot

✅ Phone Call Follow-Up

✅ Easy To Use FREE CRM


Step 2
Qualify Leads With Our Automated Follow-Up System


Step 3
Book Appointments

On-Demand With Inside Sales Agents

We have the exact formula and hired and trained professional inside sales agents. They’re tasked with calling all your new leads, qualifying them, and booking appointments directly to your calendar. Never waste time chasing a lead again, and enjoy highly interested, ready-to-go clients.

How it works


Glass of Milk

Sahil Gupta, Remax 

Omran Marketing has actually helped me grow my business, and it’s made me more money than any other lead source. I now have multiple agents under me, that I can hand out quality appointments to. Thank you, Ali


Dante Dia, eXp Realty

 Ali knows what he's doing. Within my first month, I have multiple deals under contract already. I am now in a place where my business can have serious growth, without demanding my presence.

Switch over and try Omran Marketing. Experience the difference!


Ahmad Moharam, eXp Realty

Ali and his team are amazing.  I have personally dealt with Ali for 7+ months and the results have been stellar.

 My business and online presence have improved drastically during my time with Ali.  The prices are reasonable, the work ethic is fantastic, and Ali's drive to always provide the best quality of work is very much appreciated.  Thank you Ali & the team, I highly recommend them!


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